Monday, July 30, 2012

Optimizing Your Golf Bag

Many of us all over the world truly fell in love with the game of golf which is baffling at times, but also can be very rewarding. The biggest downside to the game, many of us love and enjoy, is we are all our own biggest competition. Nobody can take us out of the game quicker than ourselves; one terrible shot can through us off our axis for the rest of the days, trying to get back to the state of mind we were at teeing off from the first tee box.

This is a tough feat to achieve when we have no confidence in our equipment that we are using. Many of us try to figure out what the best set of irons to use, which driver will give me the max distance, which putter will give me the best spin. I don’t know about you, but I am plagued by these questions, I don’t only enjoy golf, I obsess over it.

I have found when my confidence is broke my faith that my golf clubs are the top of the line and best for me usually gets me back to a level headed state. It took a lot of work on my part to prepare my psyche like that, first things first is I had to find the Men's Golf Club Set which I thought was the best for me. I opted for the Adams a12 OS for the reason of it is a very forgiving iron, something I can trust to get me out of trouble when I’m in it thick.

Now that I have the Men's Golf Club Sets I am comfortable with I have to go to my local shop where I can get the necessary work done. I went down to my local shop Vegas Golf and I spoke with the manager, took a few swings on the lie bored, got my measurements done and they promptly adjusted my irons lie and adjusted the length. I am fairly tall at 6’03 so we had to add some extensions to get the length of the club perfectly optimized for myself.

Now I got my Irons set I needed a putter, I don’t care who you are, if your short game up to par you can’t make birdies. I have met very few people who got the ball to go in the hole from 50 feet out; unless your Tiger Woods get yourself a decent putter.

With so many putters to choose from how are we supposed to know which one is best for us? Well, you can go the way many amateurs have with the belly putter. Although if you go that route with the belly putter you may be disappointed in 2014, when the UPGA might vote to ban the belly putter. My best suggestion is to go and get you a 33”, 34” or 35” blade putter and start practicing. Odyssey has just released a new putter called the flip face putter, giving you the option of having either a white ice insert or the option for the new metal x technology. Giving you the best shot on having a winning round of golf depending on whether the greens are fast or slow.

I have no suggestions when it comes to purchasing a driver. I am afraid it really all comes down to personal opinion. Maybe add a few extra inches in length, but other than that you are on your own.

This article was written by Richard G. Hart from Vegas Golf Inc.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Golf Gamebook: USA vs. Europe Golf Challenge

The future of golf tournaments is here; for the first time all golfers in the USA and in Europe can enjoy golf together, regardless of age, gender or HCP. The six-week GameBook Cup, is open to all golfers from the two continents and can be played on any course in the world. With the help of the latest mobile technology, the GameBook Cup offers a more social and equal way of experiencing golf. Join Here

Inspired by the legendary golf tournament the Ryder Cup, the GameBook Cup launches as the first transatlantic golf challenge of its kind ever. All golfers from the USA and Europe are invited to play in the fun and friendly golf challenge. Experienced team captains have been nominated; Team USA has British Open Champion Stewart Cink as the Captain, and Team Europe is led by European Tour golfer Johan Edfors.

“I think this is a wonderfully innovative idea. In honor of the Ryder Cup year I think it is appropriate to expand the joy of golf with a truly global approach. And, I think that GameBook team’s creativity in utilizing social media and the latest technology is exceptional. Golf tournaments are fun and social, but they can be so much more with this new golf app. I will do my best to build to great Team USA.”, praises British Open Champion Stewart Cink.

“I had an opportunity to test this golf concept last year in a tournament between two nations, Sweden and Finland. It was very engaging and an extremely fun experience. I will recommend my fellow pros to join this contest. My vision is to have a diverse Team Europe, professionals and amateurs playing together.” says Johan Edfors, Captain of Team Europe in the GameBook Cup and three-time winner of European Tour events.

“Both in the US and in Europe we value the important landmark tournaments. The encouraging and inspiring culture deserves to be further embraced, and that’s what we are doing. GameBook Cup differs only by the fact that anyone can participate. And to make things more interesting, we will throw some nice prizes to random participants each week.” says Mikko Rantanen, CEO of GameBook Inc.

“We have managed to fine-tune our golf app and the supporting mobile technology into such good shape that we decided to put it to a real tough test. And of course, we wanted to offer an unforgettable golf experience to all golf lovers in the USA and in Europe.” says Kalle Väinölä, Founder of GameBook, PGA pro.

“The only thing a golfer has to do is to play a round of golf anywhere in the world and enter his or her scorecard using Golf GameBook. We will automatically include all scores from golfers who are registered respectively in the USA or in any European country”, continues Kalle Väinölä.

The world’s largest golf challenge will be held between July 30th and September 9th, 2012, and it is free for golfers and golf clubs.

For more details about the GameBook Cup

About Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook has provided live scoring and leaderboards at hundreds of events in Europe and the US, including the 2011 HP Byron Nelson Championship Pro-Am.Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus have hosted their own events with Golf GameBook Live Scoring; Arnold Palmer’s Kingdom Cup (2011 and 2012), and Jack Nicklaus International Invitational (2011). The Stanford Men’s Golf team used Golf GameBook for living scoring at its recent Amer Ali Invitational event in January. Golf GameBook was featured recently in the Apple iTunes App Store Highlights section in the Nordic region, a position that has only been achieved by a relative few Nordic companies, including Rovio, publisher of the popular ‘Angry Birds’ franchise.