Chase54 is everything we look for in a brand... fashionable, creative, trendy, high quality... I could go on and on. This company represents the pinnacle of cutting edge golf apparel. As if they've woven innovation into every garment, Chase54 apparel is like no brand we've every seen before. They've thought of everything from using eco-friendly fabrics that I didn't even know were possible, to golf tee holders sewn onto their pants.

“We believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion for performance, style for functionality, and looking sharp for being comfortable.”

For more information about Chase54:

The DriveHard fundraising project is an initiative created to engage the golf community while raising awareness and funds for Cure Alzheimer's Fund and other worthy charities. This is being done through the sales and distribution of the DriveHard golf wristbands. Their stylish design, molded with a golf ball dimple pattern, will show your support for Alzheimer's as well as your love for golf.

We're excited to be working on this project and growing the DriveHard brand to become a globally recognized symbol of hope. For more information about DriveHard:

EcoGolf offers an amazing branding opportunity unlike any I've seen before.  The ability to customize a golf tee is one thing, but EcoGolf and their AdverTee solution takes golf tee branding to a whole new level.  The AdverTee solution gives organizations, companies, events organizers and brands the opportunity to custom design the promotional packaging that goes along with their golf tees.  There are literally millions of golf tees used every month in North America alone.  The custom branding options through AdverTees gives you the best opportunity to engage with this market.  For more information about EcoGolf and/or AdverTees:

Goose Golf is a company focused on innovative designs, quality products and high performance.  As such, the Goose Towel was designed to meet professional standards yet is available to the general public.  Playing with clean golf clubs is essential for every player regardless of your ability, and in order to achieve the best possible outcome for every golf swing, you need to ensure that your clobs are in the best possible condition.  High quality, anti-microbial cotton provides superior drying results, and the tough cleaning microfiber absorbs six times more water while offering optimal cleaning for you equipment.  Stay tuned as they are set to raise the bar even higher during the 2013 season.

For more information about Goose Golf:

Custom Wood Putters

Voted the classiest putter in golf! If it's good enough for the likes of Michael Jordan and Bill Murray, then it's good enough for me.  These hand crafted putters are truly one of a kind; they not only provide an elegant custom look, but also a smooth and nature feel.  Follow the steps below to start customizing your putter...

Contact us with any questions or to start customizing your putter.

Vision golf represents everything that we look for in a partner.  The innovation and creativity that they've infused into their golf balls is truly remarkable.  They manufacture a high quality product that has so far flown under the radar.  They are a diamond in the rough that we will be working to unleash to the golfing community.

For more information about Vision Golf, visit their website at:

Seamus club head covers are the most stylish club head covers I've seen to date.  With a wide selection of plaid wool exteriors as wells as a variety of color options for the industrial fleece inner lining, the end result is a unique and top of the line product.

For more information about Seamus:

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