Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Local Las Vegas Golf

Hot, dry, bright lights and golf: if you have not figured it out yet, we are talking about Las Vegas. When the city first started being developed, Las Vegas boomed when the President Herbert Hoover green lighted the building of the Boulder Dam. (Boulder Dam was later renamed by the Truman administration Hoover Dam) During the construction of the damn, Las Vegas’ population boomed from a little town population of 5,000 to a staggering 25,000 practically overnight.

In 1931 legislature made the decision to legalize gambling on the local level here in Las Vegas. When this declaration was made Las Vegas was placed in a position to latter be crowned the gambling capital of the world. 1931 was a big year for the great city, in the same year gambling was legalized; the Las Vegas Club and a few other casinos were built in what is now known as Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Besides being one of the most sought after vacation spot by people all over the world, Fremont Street was also the very first paved street in Las Vegas.

In 1938 Las Vegas had its very first golf course which is still standing today. Las Vegas Golf Clubs was built right by downtown Las Vegas, making it easily accessible by dam workers in the late 1930s and gives modern day tourists a short trip when visiting the exotic Freemont Street. When you visit the Las Vegas Golf Club you can quickly forget you are in the desert. The landscaping down at the golf course is lush greens, beautiful scenery with the gorgeous trees, and clean clear water hazards. Very recently the Las Vegas Golf Club was renovated with over $5 million giving it some of the best greens to putt on in the city.

In the city of Las Vegas the summer days gets hot, too hot if you ask me. The golf courses understand that it is tough to go golfing in 110+ degree weather, so to entice the golfers they have ridiculous cheap prices on tee times. Some of the cheapest golf I have ever seen in the country happens on Tuesday afternoons at almost any local golf course. The Las Vegas Golf Club starts at $9.99, Spanish Trails starts at a low $19.00 and if you find yourself visiting Primm, NV you will find great deals on golf starting at $24.00.

When you visit the city of Las Vegas looking to golf, know you can get a deal almost anywhere you decide to pick a tee time. Make sure you shop around and even visit a local Las Vegas Golf Store to get assistance in creating a tee time. Many of the local golf dealers have connections at the courses and can get you a discount rate to get you golfing for almost nothing.

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This article was written by Richard G. Hart from Vegas Golf Inc.


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